Our Philosophy


growing up between europe and the Usa my family surrounded me with the ethics that we can make amazing things if we use our hands and make it with love. My family would make solvents for any aliment you could have.  When I was in my twenties I began to have the most severe acne imaginable while beginning my career as a national make up artist for laura mercier.  I tried everything,every product and it was just a dead end of getting no where.  I needed to stop searching and look for myself. a lesson ive learned to do in so many other areas of life.  I needed the real truth on how to heal skin.  went and became a ESTHETICIAN and started to study organic BOTANICAL chemistry.  Became a certified herbal AROMATHERAPIST. I healed my skin which was not only severe systs on my face but down my chest and back within a couple weeks.  I then became a national ESTHETICIAN teaching skin for big CORPORATE companies and it was then I learned a hard corporate truth.  Companies create products so you will actually stay the victim to need more of their product. What a wake up call. Big companies use your pain against you to make money because if they heal your skin they believe you wont buy more.  I created this line for you to be the face of our product. We believe if we make your skin beautiful that makes us look beautiful and it is the reason why we believe in it.  Each product is custom handmade with the most healing organic vegan ingredients. You will see the difference of how depascal organics will change your skin.  your skin is a reflection of how you treat it. You’ll be amazed after a couple uses how your skin will take a turn for what is the most beautiful skin you’ve ever seen.    Depascal Organics skin care is blended with only the purest organic essentials with no parabens, no petroleum, no harsh or chemical additives. If you look good, we look good. Guaranteed.  I can't wait to see you smile!

Happy Skin for a Happy Life!